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💬 Why does my video remain pending ?
(video rendering / final step)


👉 If your podcast is pending, it means that there is a problem…

⚙️️ First, we invite you to check your podcast configuration.

In most cases the problem comes from the choice of language compared to the native language of your text. If you select a different language from your text, the AI encounters a conflict and your podcast may remain on hold.

👉 For example: your text is in English but you choose the French language or the opposite.

⚠️️ If everything seems to be well configured on your side, we invite you to open a ticket and explain in detail the problem you encounter.
To open the appropriate ticket please select :

1 > Select a Department > Technique service
2 > Select an object >  My video still pending at step 3 for more than 30 minutes? (video rendering / final step)


Happy Klappz ! 

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