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Use the video chapters to see a different language

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Become the Expert of Your Niche Thanks to Video. In 3 Clicks and Without Any Skill :

Exactly Like That :

Use the video chapters to see a different language

Turn your Emails, PowerPoints and All Your Texts Into VIDEO... And Repost Them EVERYWHERE Where It Was Impossible : 

To Boost your Visibility, your Traffic and ALL your Results With The Power Of Video !

(SEO, Advertisements, Sales, Video views, Conversions Leads, Retentions, Visits, Internal communications, etc ...)

Create Breathtaking Voice-Overs or Videos in 97 Countries

with the first Text-to-Video App In The World.

No other tools can do this !

Turn any text into a video.
Neuromorphic Voice Technology.
Dual Speech : Reading of the text by 2 voices.
Up to 578 different voices & 97 Countries.
30 Million built-in background images.
2 Million embedded background videos.
Integrated background music.
With or without : Voice-Over / Text.
Kinetic: reinforces understanding by 30%.
MP4 files compatible with all software.
Your articles on Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, Insta, Infinite...
Very Easy to Use: 15 seconds of work per article.

Normal price:


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OK, but how does it work?

Just follow these 3 Steps :

Use the video chapters to see a different language

Finally, create Pro Videos that capture attention and convert from Text in only 15 seconds !

Since the creation of the internet, the publication of content is the only method for attracting visitors that has never changed.

The problem is that now Video Represents 81% Global Web Traffic and...

... classic text content is no longer of interest to Internet users !


The video attracts up to 10x more monthly visitors

An article with video has 57% higher chance of appearing on the first Google results page.

A visitor spends 2.6x longer on a page with video


This is one of the most important Criteria for Your SEO.

92% of top companies online are successful because of video


A Video post on Facebook is shared 10x more than a regular post.

...Online media increase Their Traffic 10x by turning their articles into Videos in this way :

Would you like do the same, And even better, with your texts ?(sales scripts, web articles, Tutorials, Podcasts, real estate ads, etc.)



you will waste hours finding the right subcontractors (voice-over, motion-designer, video editor, etc.). We know because we have been doing it for years and it's expensive ... very expensive for an end result that’s often well below our expectations.


Producing your own videos will take you days of work for for an uncertain and often poor result. Just try to convert a blog post to video to understand the difficulty !


In 3 clicks, turn any text into video with 100% human voice for a few dollars and in seconds. Klappz is the cheapest solution in the entire content industry !
(For example, a simple low-cost text article is billed minimum $0.08/word, while Klappz produces your videos at $0.01/word)


You will no longer have to pay exorbitant fees and wait for weeks while professional designers and videographers create your videos
You can create your audios and videos without technical skills because everything is automated. The final rendering is worthy of a professional video editor !
You will be able to create your videos in a few seconds using just one tool, at the Lowest Rate in the CONTENT Industry

If they do it, then... Why not you ?

The First Text-To-Video Application In The World !

Make amazing videos from a simple text editor, in seconds... FINALLY integrate VIDEO Into your CONTENT Strategy.

Now with 3 clicks, you can also add striking Videos to all your articles !

"These guys just Hacked the Video production ! I’m making really Cool Videos, just from the text and images in the library"

Corinne Gromier


Why do Web Companies, Agencies, Marketers and Entrepreneurs LOVE KLAPPZ ?

Quick & Simple

Designed to integrate with publisher workflows: 3 clicks are all you need to produce an article's video podcast and Boost its Website traffic WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE INSTALLATION.
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The Our Neuromorphic Speech Synthesis and the kinetic teleprompter will literally transform organic reach and the cognitive effectiveness of your articles.
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8X Less Expensive

ANTI-CRISIS PRODUCT with Degressive pricing according to your use without commitment. Your video podcasts become 8X cheaper than a SIMPLE offshore TEXT item! 
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But It's Not Over, With Klappz...


Multiply Your Traffic 7x

Just by adding a Video Version to your articles...

No need to PAY AN SEO agency anymore to increase your traffic !

The Power of Video Without Paying The Price !

Editors: Increase your traffic, AD revenue and visibility with podcasting.
SEO providers and agencies : Grow your business by making videos for your clients' sites.
Community Manager : Increase your organic Reach, communicate in video quickly.
Marketers: Make Sales or Training Videos in over 30 different languages.
But also : Voice over studio, real estate agencies, content creator, switchboards, etc.

Increase the duration of the visits 3x

By replacing your featured images with one Video Version

And the magic happens ...
Allow your visitors to effortlessly discover your content or download the podcast version to listen to later: they will ask for more!

More than 578 Votes In 93 Countries!

Discover One Sample With All Our Voices!

+80 English voices, 31 Arabic, 22 Spanish, 18 French, 14 German etc...

What They Say About KLAPPZ...

7 Day Policy Guarantee !

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Klappz Monthly

All functions + news
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355 Voices & +52 Countries
Dual Speecher
Image Library 
Background music
Commercial License
Access to News
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Text-To-Speech functions 
(without text-to-video functions)
normally 790$


(Annual subscription (no obligation)

Optional Text-To-Video
+590 voices & 93 Countries
Dual Speecher
Background music
Pitch and Rate adjustment
Commercial License
News & add-ons included

Klappz Pro LifeTime

All functions + add-ons + news & updates
normally 790$


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Klappz Audio included
+590 voices & 93 Countries
Dual Speecher
Image Library
Background music
Commercial License
News & add-ons included
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Klappz Pro

Essential functions without add-ons 
normally 65$/Month


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Klappz Audio included
+590 voices & 93 Countries
Dual Speecher
Image Library
Background music
Commercial License
Optional add-ons
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Text-To-Video is The Anti-Crisis Solution !

# Other Uses: 

Other Uses:

Video Sale Letter PowerPoint To Video, Real estate ad, Press articles, Quotes, Community Management, White boards, Job offer, Youtube promotion, Podcasting, Web TV, News, Mail To Video, Audio Podcast, Online course, Children's story, Web article without voiceover, Webinar, Internal communication ...
This Founders' Offer is limited to First 1000 Clients !
You Take No Risk ! 
Our Refund
Covers you for 7 Days
BUY at -63%

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a guarantee ?

Yes, you can request a full refund within 7 days of your purchase.

Directly from the application: just click on "Request a refund" in your user center.

Is it 156 € every Month or just once?

The offer at €156 excluding tax is a single payment.
This offer is exceptional and limited, generally during the first 1000 registrations per Country or during exceptional operations such as BlackFriday. 

Is it possible to have an invoice for my company?

Of course ! You just need to specify your company name in the purchase process. Once the payment has been validated, you will receive an automatic email with your accesses and your PDF invoice attached.

How long are my podcasts kept?

Klappz is not an online storage service, you should download your podcasts as soon as they are finalized.

It's up to you to choose the video hosting solution according to your needs (dedicated server, youtube, wystia, vimeo, object storage ..)
In the immediate future, Klappz automatically deletes all podcasts that have been finalized for more than 20 days.

How it works ?

In summary: Klappz manages ultra powerful video rendering servers.In fact, when you have finished editing your podcast and launching neuromorphic analysis, Klappz's artificial intelligence analyzes your content and generates the various production files required for rendering. 

Finally, when you run a final render, your order is divided into several dozen pieces, each processed simultaneously by several servers.

Is it compatible with my computer ? 

Klappz works on Mac, PC, Tablets and even Smartphones!

As our servers are working, you can use Klappz with any computer as long as it has an internet connection.

Can Klappz be used for vocals only ?

Of course and it's very simple! 

By launching your final rendering, Klappz delivers an MP4 video file:

Any video editing software will allow you to import your MP4 file and export audio to MP3.

Moreover, podcasting platforms like Spotify accept MP4 files and automatically convert them to MP3.

Do you offer premium services ?

We can respond to simple customization requests such as the use of your own background music, or more advanced such as the creation of a personalized template with intro video or call-to-action specific to Youtube for example. 

We are also setting up dedicated rendering infrastructures in order to respond to large production flows.

This is particularly useful for Pure-Players or SEO agencies who convert all the articles on a site into video. Dedicated infrastructure is therefore primarily recommended to speed up rendering speeds.
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