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💬 It's long, it's normal ?

If it's long, it's not good 😅

Klappz has created its own video rendering technology to... be 10 times faster than the biggest render farms.
The more words, the faster Klappz goes ! 😀

👉 For example : 3 minutes on average for podcasts of 100 to 500 words... and just 40 seconds longer (3.40min) for 1000 words.

⚠️Video upload : if you use BGVID Add-on (background video option) and depending on the number and weight of the videos you send, the neuromorphic analysis may take time, it is normal in this case only.[/mkb-info]

If Klappz encounters a rendering problem while creating your video (fortunately in rare cases), it mean that AI will try to fix it automatically and it may actually take a longer time (30 minutes maximum.)

In any case, keep in mind that if you're waiting, something is wrong ! 🤔

👉 In 99% of the cases, the wait is due to the use of special characters such as * at the beginning of sentences or corrupted photo or video files.

⚠️   Remember that the minimum number of words required to run a render is 30  ! 🧐

⚙️ Otherwise, your podcast will remain pending 😤.

⚙️  IMPORTANT : If you select a different language than your text, the AI may encounter conflicts and your podcast will remain pending.

👉  For exemple : your text is in French but you choose the English language or the other way around.

⚠️ So, It is very important to  choose the same language as your text !!


💬 Should I leave my computer on ?

Fortunately no ! 😅

⚙️ Video renders are very greedy and you would wait too long with your simple computer.

👉 When you run a render, it's the Klappz servers that are working.

🏭So you can run 50 podcasts of 1000 words and turn off your PC or keep working, it won't matter.

👉 Klappz will send you a notification as soon as your renderings are finished and available for download.

Happy Klappz ! 😃

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