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  • 👉 Is it possible to get a preview of my podcasts before launching the final rendering ?
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💬 Is it possible to get a preview of my podcasts before launching the final rendering ?


Klappz is an innovative and complex solution 🤯 to develop that required more than two years of Research & Development.

Thanks to all our users, Klappz's technical and application environment is improving every day.

In parallel, the Klappz technical team regularly performs application updates on the management of the user interface while working daily to evolve the application so that it can offer its users an increasingly relevant environment every day.

⚙️️ Unlike Text to Speech (TTS) applications, klappz requires a huge deployment of professional resources especially including AI technology and server farms to provide an efficient service to its users.

⚠️️ That’s the reason why, Klappz does not yet offer unfortunately the possibility to get a pre-rendering of its podcast before the final rendering.

👉 But be reassured, the technical team is working on it and this feature should be part of the next updates of the application.

⚠️️ For your information, you will find below the evolutions of the application on which our technical team works :

✔️ Customization of the transition effects of the background images
✔️ Customization of the background formatting
✔️ Customization of the Kinetic display (font size, font type, font placement)
✔️ Option to pre-render podcasts before their final production
✔️ Customization of the logo placement
✔️ Customization of the playback time of the podcasts
✔️ Download the audio version directly from the user interface
✔️ Possibility to use your own background music
✔️ Possibility to use your own voice-overs
✔️ Possibility to get a pre-rendering before the final rendering

Unfortunately, we do not yet have exact visibility on the date of release of these new features.

What is sure is that Klappz is currently the most INNOVATIVE, FAST, QUALITATIVE but above all the LEAST EXPENSIVE solution in the entire content industry 🤩

So be patient !

Happy Klappz ! 😃

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