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💬 Start to Klappz with peace of mind...

The application has been designed to make the user journey as smooth and intuitive as possible. In fact, that's why Klappz gives satisfaction to hundreds of customers daily. 🤩

A Tutorial and a Help Desk have been specially made to guide you through making your first videos Podcasts.

📌  Help Desk Klappz

👉 Available here, it gets richer every day thanks to you 🙏!

🧐 Please feel free to start looking there for the answers to your questions ❔ because they are certainly already there 😉.

⚠️  To access them since your Klappz's account, simply click on the Blue icon at the bottom of your account.


📌 Klappz tutorial

👉 Also available on the homepage of your Klappz account, it will guide you through your first steps as a Klappz master.

⚠️ To access it, simply launch the video First steps.


Happy Klappz !! 😀

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