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💬 How do I can use my background videos ?


⚠️️ To use background videos, you need first to have subscribed to the Add-on BGVID

👉  Send your video files the same way as your photos by Drag & Drop or by clicking in the blue box Add files




⚙️  What are the specifications for my videos (size, format, weight) ?

👉 The recommended size is 1280x720px
👉 The format of your videos must be in MP4
👉 The weight must be less than 200MB.

⚠️️ If the video sent is higher than 1280px / 720px, it will be automatically cropped (horizontally or vertically) .

👉 In order to fully control the cropping of your videos, the best is to do it before uploading !
If your video is not in MP4 and you are not a pro, no problem, there are free online applications that can convert files, for example from .M4v to .Mp4.

🔧 Convert m4v to mp4 >

Happy Klappz ! 😃

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