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💬 More than 30 Million Royalty Free Images...

📌 Klappz has a library of over 30 million royalty-free themed images !! 😀

👉  With a keyword search, you can identify the best images suitable to the topic you wish to cover in your videos.


📌 Klappz produces videos at the standard 16:9 | 1280x720px format.

👉 In order to offer you  the largest possible choice, the 30 million images available in the library may not fully match the 16:9 aspect ratio.

This is the reason why, they may be sometimes  automatically cropped (horizontally or vertically) and especially portrait images.

⚠️️ Therefore, give preference to landscape images.
📌 You can of course  upload your own images or make a mix of the both ! 😀

👉 Also feel free to check out the article: How to use your images, photos and videos.

Happy Klappz ! 😃

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